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Available in Bangkok - Private or Group Tuition

Our courses can be designed and customized to meet your specific needs at a venue and time that best suits you.  Please follow contact us to arrange your course.

We offer an excellent personal service

  • Customized language training sessions for individuals or couples.
  • Flexibility in course content, structure and teaching style.
  • A venue, day or time that suits your needs.
  • The opportunity to learn at your own place.
  • A qualified and experienced tutor selected specifically for you.
  • Easy registration and payment options.

Payment Conditions

Sessions for individuals and couples are priced at $20 per hour  (minimum 2 hours). 

A range of payment methods is available. 

*Fees are payable in advance.

*Tuition place in Siam Paragon
*If in Learner's place  transportation fees will charge according to the distance. 


Individuals and couples  

20 USA$ per hour (minimum 2 hours)

Group of three

15 USA$ per hour per person (minimum 2 hours)

Group of four

10 USA$ per hour per person (minimum 2 hours)

Group of five or six

8 USA$ per hour per person (minimum 2 hours)

 Intensive Course (three months - 90 hours)  990 USA$

For larger groups please request a quote

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